At 3 p.m. Monday, the temperature in Washington, D.C. stood at 79 degrees, the mercury’s highest point since October 24.

It’s the latest first instance of 75 or better since 2001 the Capital Climate blog reports.

So Spring 2013 started cool, but suddenly has caught fire.  Upper 80s are possible Wednesday.

Photographers in our Facebook and Flickr group have exquisitely captured this thermally two-faced journey.  Enjoy the compilation below.

Spring snow March 25

Forest Hills, March 25  (ekelly80 via Flickr)

March 25 snow (Philliefan99 via Flickr)
Drooping dafodil March 25 (lifeinthedistrict via Flickr)

Tidal Basin, March 30

Cherry Blossom festival March 30 (christaki via Flickr)

Kite Festival, March 30

Kite Festival, March 30 (8230This&That via Flickr)

Tidal Basin sunset, March 30

Tidal Basin sunset March 30 (christopherskillman via Flickr)

Cherry blossoms April 5

Cherry Blossoms, April 5 (J Sonder via Flickr)

Sunrise, April 6

Sunrise, April 6 (law_kid via Flickr, aka Jim Knapp Photography)

Sunrise, April 7

Clouds and pre-dawn light April 7 at the Reflecting Pool (Kevin Wolf via Facebook)

Lunch at the Tidal Basin, April 8

Tidal Basin at lunch time April 8 (Gwen Bausmith via Facebook)