Update, 6 p.m.: Today’s hi/lo temps: Reagan National 80/61, Dulles 77/55, BWI 74/58.

Clouds:Latest mid-Atlantic infrared satellite shows movement of clouds over past two hours. Refresh page to update. See more maps on our Weather Wall.

From 3:40 p.m. A front right over the area caused us to see lots of clouds and a bit of a swing in temperatures today depending on where you are. For many spots, highs have reached the 70s, and even closer to 80 especially in the city and to the south. While further north, around and north of Baltimore, temps are still mainly in the 60s.

Through Tonight: Despite the cold front pushing further south, clouds may remain rather numerous, though we could also see some breaks. Conditions out near the planned Wallops rocket launch are currently better than here, but also subject to change in the next hour or so. Lows range from the low to upper 50s. As winds become light and the temperature meets the dew point, some fog might develop particularly after midnight.

Tomorrow (Thursday): We might keep the marine flow going, especially in the first half of the day before the front lifts back north, so expect clouds to be rather numerous again. Some of that overnight fog and drizzle could still be around in the morning. Temperatures head for the near 70 zone, though if we break out into the sun and a south wind, temperatures well into the 70s are possible. There might be a random shower late day, but probably nothing worth worrying about.

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Tornado warnings: In the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St Paul) of Minnesota, a new way to get tornado warnings to the public is coming. Clear Channel will display tornado warnings on 47 digital billboard in the cities as well as on road signs operated by the county. Since motorists can be some of the hardest to reach and a fair amount of fatalities come from this in cars, this additional warning tool should be helpful.

Pollen update: Tree pollen remains high and continues to rise, today reaching 1403.19 grains per cubic meter. High concentration of pollen from oak and pine are combining to leave a green-yellow film in spots. All other pollens are low.