Temperature Map

Temperatures:Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Today was a sparkling spring day – perhaps a little cool for some with highs in the low-to-mid 60s.  Tomorrow, precious few will complain (except pollen sufferers) with more sunshine and temperatures stretching closer to the 70 degree mark.

Through Tonight:  Clear, calm and crisp.  You might want to grab the fleece if you’re out late in the evening.  Overnight lows drop into the upper 30s in the cooler suburbs with mid-to-upper 40s downtown.

Tomorrow (Friday): Just about perfect.  We have wall-to-wall sunshine and highs in the mid-60s to near 70.  Winds are light from the north around 10 mph.

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Pollen: Tree pollen counts spiked to 1333.87 grains/cubic meter which is HIGH.  Grass and weed pollen counts were LOW, as were mold spores.

Radar upgrade complete: The National Weather Service announced it has completed its deployment of dual-polarization (dual-pol) radar upgrades at all of its forecast offices.  For more on the benefits of dual-pol radar, see these blog posts: Local forecasters get a new crystal ball and Major weather radar for Washington, D.C. area