“Our Moon, tinted blue, made so by the wisp of Earth’s atmosphere” by Chris Hadfield via Twitter, April 28.

Each day, from his perch aboard the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shares front row center views of Earth from outer space.

The beauty of the imagery he obtained last week, starting with Earth Day, was mind-boggling. See the photo set below:





































What’s amazing is that the photos from this past week are no more or less spectacular than the shots Hadfield takes every week.

“The beauty of the Space Station … is that if it’s not here this time, tomorrow it might be, or maybe next week or maybe a month from now. There is not a race to get a picture. You can be patient. Like a hunter,” Hadfield says.

Hadfield beams these images back to Earth using Twitter, and it’s no surprise he has a growing list of over 700,000 followers.

Check out the video below in which he explains how he takes his photos: