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It wasn’t the best day of spring out there, but at least we’re getting a reprieve from high pollen counts of late, plus temperatures are not too cold. Despite plentiful clouds and rain, high temperatures made the near 60 to lower 60 range most spots. Juice for plants — the silver lining!

Through Tonight: We shouldn’t see much in the way of total rainfall, but drizzle and a quick steadier shower or two are possible through the night. In other words: cloudy, cool and damp. There could be a bit of fog too, perhaps patchy dense fog in spots. Lows fall to a range of around 50 to the mid-50s.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Clouds remain rather numerous thanks in part to the continuing wind off the ocean. Any fog should dwindle as we head past sunrise and winds kick back up a bit though. Kind of like the overnight period, I don’t anticipate much in the way of steady rains, but periods of drizzle or some showers are possible (50% chance) through the day. With less in the way of rain around, temperatures should range from the low-to-mid 60s.

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NYC: The last pieces of the new World Trade Center spire in New York City were scheduled to be attached today, but weather prevented that from occurring. Concerns about high wind in the area nixed the attempt to hoist the six ton pieces, and it will be rescheduled soon.

Pollen update: As of the last count, tree pollen was still high at 448 grains per cubic meter, but that is a pre-rain count. All other pollens are low, though grass pollen is now moderate for local area counts.