Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

So close to a 10 but just a little chilly and a few clouds to start the day.

Express Forecast

Today: Early morning clouds, clearing by mid-morning. High: 68-72.

Tonight: Mostly clear and calm. Low: 40s.

Tomorrow: More sun than clouds. High: 69-73.


What is with all this spring weather?! Last year by this time we were well into summer. The next 5 days look like an abnormally long string of normal temperatures. The sun hangs tough despite shower systems being on all sides of us. Our luck finally runs out late on Monday when one finally reaches us but good timing for the garden worriers.

Today (Thursday): The only challenge to the forecast today is whether we have a brief bout of low clouds to deal with at sunrise. In any event, any clouds burn away quickly and the day is then every bit a beauty. Highs reach the upper 60s to lower 70s and winds are only enough to flutter the newly leafed out trees. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Evening readings are still in the 60s under a star lit ceiling. Winds are calm, making it pleasant. However, the high pressure overhead allows lows to bottom out in the 40s (low-mid in suburbs, upper in city). Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Friday): Weather karma is on our side. There is a significant storm to our west, a spinning thunderstorm cluster to our south and another cold low dropping south just off the Atlantic coast. Still it looks like we manage to hide from all of them, staying far enough away to do no more than throw a few clouds our way every now and then. The sun still wins out on a percentage basis. Winds are light and highs are again in the upper 60s to lower 70s. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Most clouds fade away at sunset and won’t interfere with stargazers. Evening readings in the 60s with calm winds should allow hardier souls to skip the coat. Lows drop notably with low-to-mid 40s dominant. Confidence: High


Saturday is another spring spectacular with the sun in firm control as the eastern and southern storms drift farther away and the western one is too busy picking on the Midwest. Highs should continue to reach the upper 60s to lower 70s. Another starry overnight can be counted on with lows in the lower 40s colder spots but mainly mid-to-upper 40s. Confidence: High

Sunday features plenty of sun to start but clouds should begin to creep in by afternoon. However, it should not hamper Cinco de Mayo festivities with highs in the low to even a few mid-70s. Clouds increase through the evening but shower potential is nil. Overnight lows hold in the mid-to-upper 40s. Confidence: Medium-High

Monday is mainly cloudy but showers are still likely to be slow coming. This allows highs to reach the lower 70s in most areas. There is a 60 percent chance of showers by late in the day. Confidence: Medium