Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Weekend inflation could perhaps make this a 10, but some clouds and a steady breeze keep it a notch below.

Express Forecast

Today: Morning clouds? Mostly sunny. 64-68.

Tonight: Mostly clear to partly cloudy. Low 40s to near 50.

Tomorrow: Partly sunny. 63-67.


We’ve got quite the enjoyable weather weekend ahead. It’s a bit cool compared to normal, but when cool is pleasant 60s, who’s going to complain? Not me! For a fairly straightforward forecast, there is still that concern about the marine influence and just how strong it will be. For now, we should continue with a good deal more sun than not though. The story begins to change once we get past tomorrow as a meandering storm system works our way.

Today (Saturday): We might see a bit of morning low cloudiness as we have in recent days, best odds east, but it should fairly quickly burn off under the strong May sun. East breezes up to about 10 mph with higher gusts help keep the cooler air flowing in, keeping us capped in the mid-to-upper 60s for highs.  Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: As the sun goes down, you’ll notice that familiar evening chill set in. It’s a nice chill though. Winds are light from the east under partly to mostly clear skies. Lows reach the low 40s in the colder spots to nearer 50 downtown.  Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): We should eke out another sweet springtime day, much like today in fact, though maybe a tad cooler. The chance of morning low cloudiness is there again, favoring east again, but we clear pretty fast if we do get into the marine layer.  High clouds may tend to increase late in the day, though most of that should hold off till after dark. Afternoon temperatures largely target the mid-60s.  Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: We may start mostly clear in the evening, but skies should cloud over as we head through the night, especially past midnight. Lows are mostly in the 40s (near 50 downtown), but maybe a touch warmer than recent nights thanks to a more widespread cloud blanket. Confidence: Medium


On Monday, the large and lumbering upper-level low closes in. It’s in no hurry (as we’ll see once its impacts arrive), so I wouldn’t expect a lot of rain. Pretty much a 50%-60% chance of some showers, with the best odds of anything appreciable to the south and west. Otherwise, it’s cloudy with highs in the mid-60s or so.  The threat of showers continues overnight as lows settle to near 50 and into the low 50s.  Confidence: Medium

Even on Tuesday, the signal for big rain is not quite there. It seems the heaviest wants to remain south, but it’s close, so it won’t take a huge shift to get more of it into the area. Another 50-60% chance should do it for now, though we’ll be pretty socked in with clouds and perhaps some drizzle even when it’s not raining.  Highs? Probably heading for the mid-60s again.  Confidence: Medium