Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Less muggy with comfortable temps. Sweet! What more could I want? No clouds, I guess!

Express Forecast

Today: Mix of clouds and sun. Upper 70s to low 80s.

Tonight: Overcast, increasing rain chances. Mid-50s to around 60.

Tomorrow: Nearly overcast, bands of showers possible. 60s to mid-70s.

Sunday: Clouds, showers continue. Muggy. Upper 60s to low 70s.


A decent Friday is on tap for us, Washingtonians! Note that while it might not be perfect, it may be going downhill after today. Clouds and showers start moving in tonight and may set up shop for most—if not all–of the weekend. Glimmers of sun could boost us above 70 on Saturday and Sunday, but it isn’t guaranteed we see much sun at all. Next week may provide us with a few more rays of sun and warmth, but expect mugginess to accompany.

Today (Friday): Lower dew points mean less of that muggy-feeling water vapor in the air. Thus, high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s should feel comfortable. With more sunshine than clouds, and a small breeze out of the northeast at 5-10 mph, the day should be springlike. I don’t think we have as much a chance of a shower as it appeared just 24 hours ago, but I still see a small shower t’shower chance around 10% being possible. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Thundershower chances increase (25-35% chance), especially if you live south of the District. For all of us in the area, overcast skies prevail and note we have the highest chance of getting wet after 2 a.m. Low temperatures just before sunrise may be hovering around 60 downtown, with mid-to-upper 50s probable outside the Beltway. Breezes out of the southeast should remain light. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Attack of the marine layer “wedge” off of the Atlantic? While high temperatures could briefly hit the mid-70s, provided we have more than one glimmer of sunshine, a southeast breeze (5-10 mph) may limit us to the cooler 60s for much of the day. It appears overcast skies could keep us socked in and showers may even dampen us, especially during the afternoon (35-50% chance). A couple of isolated [thunder?]showers could even put down a decent amount of rain. The air will be a bit juicier, overall. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Light breezes continue and, more importantly, they continue to have an easterly component. This fetch off of the ocean makes it increasingly unlikely we’ll be able to crack the overcast skies. Roving showers also persist, and even a crack of thunder might be audible. Unrelenting clouds may insulate just enough to prevent us from getting below 60. Even mid-60s, possibly, downtown. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: More of the same as clouds again dominate. Showers and storms (70-80% chance) may keep us indoors as air masses clash over our region. Temperatures range throughout the 60s, region-wide. Probably upper 60s to perhaps low 70s if we see a peek of sun. Marine air should be beaten back toward the ocean with a warm front moving from south to north, but it could take most or all of the day. With that, winds are light and variable but maybe shifting from east to south. Confidence: Low-Medium


Sunday night: Very cloudy, if not fully overcast. Showers have a decent but lower (50-60%) chance of continuing around the region to keep us damp (and muggy) overnight. Temperatures don’t budge too much but they attempt to bottom out in the upper 50s to lower 60s. Confidence: Low-Medium

Monday should stay relatively cloudy but peeks of sun may brew continued thundershower chances (40-50%). High temperatures in the 70s seem easy enough to reach; however, more in the way of clouds and rain could keep us closer to the 70 degree mark rather than 80. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday is our increasingly familiar warm, muggy, somewhat cloudy type of summery day. High temperatures in the 80s are likely. The amount of sun is in question though, along with how early in the day showers and storms (30-40% chance) move in. More sun and later rain would mean upper 80s are possible, but earlier showers in the morning that keep us very cloudy through the afternoon may hold us closer to the 80 degree mark. Confidence: Low-Medium