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The work week couldn’t have ended much better with sparkling, warm sunshine. But clouds increase tonight and cooler air oozes into the region as winds come in from the ocean. In my view, it’s dry more often than not this weekend, but a few Sunday showers are certainly possible.

Through Tonight: Clouds increase, but temperatures remain rather pleasant. A few showers or patches of drizzle are possible late at night (20 percent chance). Lows range from 55-60 (downtown), with winds from the southeast at 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow (Saturday): It’s mostly cloudy for most of the day and about 10 degrees cooler than today.  I can’t rule out a shower, especially in the afternoon, but think most of us stay dry.  Highs are around 70.  Winds are from the east and southeast at around 10 mph.

Saturday night and Sunday: We remain under the influence of easterly to southeasterly flow (at 5-10 mph) keeping it mostly cloudy.  Saturday night’s lows are 55-60 (suburbs-city) and Sunday’s daytime highs are near 70. Throughout the periods, there’s a chance of occasional rain showers, with odds increasing from 30-40 percent Saturday night to around 50 percent Sunday.  But it’s likely more often dry than wet.  Confidence in this part of the forecast is low, so stay tuned for updates.

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Pollen: See earlier update.