We’re closing out our hottest day since the anomalous 91 degrees on April 10. Tomorrow, it’s equally hot if not hotter. Outside a very isolated thunderstorm this evening, the skies are quiet.

Through Tonight: There’s a 10-20 percent chance of an early-to-mid evening thunderstorm, but the vast majority of us are dry. It’s mild and a bit muggy overnight, with lows from the low-to-mid 60s in the cooler suburbs to near 70 downtown. Winds are light from the south.

Tomorrow (Thursday): It’s like today, but with fewer clouds and practically no chance of a late day storm. The added sun elevates most locations to 90 or higher. In fact, a few spots could flirt with 94 or 95. Winds are from the south at 5-10 mph, with moderate to high humidity humidity levels.

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Pollen: Tree counts are HIGH, grasses are HIGH, weeds are LOW, and mold spores are HIGH (locally)

Great Falls Monday. (Pablo Benavente via Flickr)

Illinois flash flood: In Galesburg, Illinois, over 3.5 inches of rain fell in just one hour Tuesday according to WGN (Chicago) meteorologist Tom Skilling. Watch this video of the outcome from a security camera at Carl Sandburg College. The real action starts just over 35 seconds into the footage: