You can debate the merits of the proliferation of storm chasers. But one thing is for sure, the practice is leading to more and more phenomenal tornado video.

Watch this unbelievable video of the genesis and growth of a large, violent tornado in Bennington, Kansas Tuesday. The twister remained nearly stationary for an unheard of 45 minutes. This time lapse condenses those 45 minutes into just two minutes of jaw dropping footage:

Aussie Storm Chasers video posted to YouTube by TheSchummy08

(The twister mostly stayed over farmland and caused relatively little damage and no injuries according to reports.)

Here’s another great video of this tornado from the blog U.S. Tornadoes: Chasecation 2013 Day 12 – Large tornado near Bennington, KS (by CWG’s Ian Livingston chase partner Mark Ellinwood)

What’s remarkable is that just since Monday, we’ve shared with you the most compelling video I’ve ever seen of the development of an EF-5 tornado (from Moore, Okla.) and the inside of a tornado. Now this.

Now I just wonder, what comes next?