(UK Met Office) (UK Met Office)

Large parts of the U.S. have shivered this spring, and the situation is no different across the pond. According the UK Met Office, the United Kingdom is about to close out its coldest spring since 1962.

The temperature in the UK has averaged just 6 degrees C. (42.8 degrees F.), 5th coldest on record since 1910, the UK Met Office says.

“The colder than average conditions have been caused by different weather patterns at certain times, but generally this season has seen frequent easterly and northerly winds which have brought cold air to the UK from polar and northern European regions,” its press release states.

This spring’s cold is a striking departure from recent years says the Met Office: eight of the ten prior springs had featured above average temperatures.

The chill in the UK has bled into France at times and even as far south as Portugal, Spain, and Italy, where unusually late season snow fell this time last week at high elevations.

View of the Pyreenes mountain range with snow-capped peaks on May 17, 2013 near Toulouse, France, which is about 2 hours (100 miles) north of the ski area Porte Puymorens which will reopen June 2. (Remy Gabalda, AFP/Getty images)

In the French Pyrénées (bordering France and Spain), ski area Porte Puymorens is reopening this weekend (after shutting down in late April) due to a hefty lingering winter snowpack and more recent spring snows.

“From 2,100m [6,900 feet] upwards, everything is still pristine without any tracts of earth showing through. The snow is on average 70cm to 80cm thick [27 to 32 inches] and in some places there are still drifts of up to five metres [16 feet] deep,” Eric Charre, director of EPIC – the company which owns the area, tells The Local, an English language website about France.

The Local says its the first time ever a French ski resort has opened in June in the Pyrénées thanks to the coldest spring in 25 years in some parts of the country.

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