* Code orange air quality alert: unhealthy for sensitive groups *

Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Big negatives for heat and humidity: not a fan. Even the breeze is kinda hot! +1 for being Friday?

Express Forecast

Today: More sun than clouds. Around 90 to mid-90s.

Tonight: A few clouds. Mid-60s to low 70s.

Tomorrow: More muggy, still hot. Low-to-mid 90s.

Sunday: Muggy, with afternoon showers possible. Upper 80s to low 90s.


Grin and bear it, unless you are among the lovers of this heat and humidity. If that is the case, then your “bad news” is that a cold front marches toward us later this weekend with cooler and drier air (for Monday into Tuesday). As showers and storms get kicked off ahead of the cold front, we will have to watch for quick downpours and possible strong storms. Mother Nature does not often like to transition from one air mass to another peacefully.

Heat Index Map

Heat Index:Latest D.C. area heat index. See more maps on our Weather Wall.

Today (Friday): Take the heat of Thursday but with just a bit more oomph. That light southerly breeze may turn a bit more southwest (around 10 mph) but it feels like oven heat at times. Clouds should remain few and scattered but a few billows could be visible by afternoon. With high temperatures around 90 to mid-90s for hotter spots, cooling showers like yesterday would be great! Too bad. Rain chances are below 5%. Please drink lots of water and wear that sunscreen. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: I suppose that it won’t quite reach humidity levels of epic proportion, so evening dining outdoors—or gardening, even—may be somewhat tolerable as the sun angle dips toward the horizon. Low temperatures in the lucky spots outside the Beltway may make it down into the mid-60s, with lower 70s probable downtown. Weak south-southwesterly breezes may blow at times, up to 10 mph. Note a slight (15%) chance of a pop-up shower, but nothing major. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Here comes more warmth, with high temperatures in the low-to-mid 90s, but with the added bonus of a tad more mugginess to the air. Our mid-summer experience is a bit early, as we are running about 10 degrees above the average for this time of year. Someone open up their pool for the CWG team? Sunny skies most of the day give way to some cumulus clouds later in the afternoon, with an ever-so-slight chance of a shower or storm. Winds from the southwest blow more energetically at 10-15 mph. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Nice and sticky. And I can’t rule out the chance of a rogue pop-up shower or storm. Low temperatures don’t fall much—around 70 to lower 70s downtown. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: Before afternoon showers have a (30%) chance of dampening our day, we should be able to enjoy a little bit of sunshine among the increasing clouds. High temperatures still manage to get into the upper 80s to lower 90s. Please keep drinking that water. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: Skies should stay fairly cloudy as (potentially strong?) showers/storms head toward our region from the west. We have a fairly high 60-70% chance of rain, increasing as the night wears on. Temperatures could drop quickly toward our muggy dew points around the 70 degree mark, assuming your area sees a downpour. Some may manage to dip into the upper 60s. Confidence: Medium

Monday is when the cold front fully enters the region and hits our unstable air mass. Showers and thunderstorms have a decent (60-70%) chance of dousing us a bit again. Perhaps a strong storm or two, as well. Rain may be welcome relief from heat, and a nice treat for gardeners. How fast the cold front plows through us remains uncertain. If we see afternoon sunshine more than I currently expect, high temperatures could bolt into the mid-80s; however, I believe there’s a higher chance that clouds and rain may stick around through the evening hours, and high temperatures are kept in the 70s to around 80. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday appears to be a full, clearer day of relief from mugginess, with pleasant high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s and sunny skies. Wear that sunscreen! Confidence: Low-Medium