The cold front that swept through the region Monday afternoon and evening ignited multiple rounds of thunderstorms which led to widespread reports of flash flooding.  Enough spin complemented the storms to spawn at least three tornadoes in Maryland, according to preliminary reports.

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Here’s a map which shows locations of reports of flash flooding (dark green symbols), funnel clouds (red symbols) and tornadoes (dark red symbols).

The tornadoes were reported near Woodbine in Howard County, in Baltimore city, and in northeast Baltimore County.

Here are some of the most compelling images and video that tell the story of the tornadoes and flooding.

Tornadoes, tornado damage, and thunderstorm structure

Images and video of waterspout over Baltimore Harbor which came onshore as a tornado on Port Administration property causing damage on E. McComas St.

Images of the funnel and damage from tornado that touched near Woodbine in Howard County:

Here’s a wall cloud and possibly (photo is not conclusive) a funnel cloud from a thunderstorm north of Winchester (a tornado warning was issued for this storm and radar clearly indicated rotation):

Cloud lowering north of Winchester Monday evening, indicative of a wall cloud and perhaps a funnel cloud (Renee Galpin via Facebook)

Capital Weather Gang’s Ian Livingston captured these next two images of a thunderstorm passing over the District, the first of which contains a wall cloud.  His description: “It looked like a mini supercell [though there was no tornado warning].  There was a bit of a “wall cloud” where the updraft base was. Kind of interesting – some of the better structure I’ve seen here.”

(Ian Livingston)

(Ian Livingston)

A few more nice storm structure images from Twitter:






Flash flooding

Doppler estimated rainfall on June 10 around Washington, D.C.

Widespread rains of 1-3 inches fell in the D.C., often in a very short amount of time. For example, Reagan National Airport established a new rainfall record for June 10, recording 2.77 inches and 0.43 inches in 6 minutes at one point.

Link: List of rainfall totals from National Weather Service




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