The proliferation of camera-carrying smart phones means fewer and fewer violent weather events go undocumented.  On Wednesday,  a large waterspout came ashore Grand Isle, Louisiana and numerous eyewitnesses captured and shared the dramatic scene.

Some of images and video posted to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are jaw-dropping:

(Buggie Vegas via National Weather Service New Orleans)
(Buggie Vegas via National Weather Service New Orleans)
(National Weather Service)

“Awe inspiring, just amazing, it was neat,” eyewitness Nicholas Peterson told

Fortunately, no one was hurt by the waterspout, but WWLTV says it tore off part of a camp roof, damaged power lines and one home.

Waterspouts are fairly common around Grand Isle. Just over one year ago, twin waterspouts were photographed just offshore.

Link: Gulf waterspouts, Phoenix dust storm, Las Vegas dust devils: wild weather (PHOTOS AND VIDEO, May 2012)

The flurry of waterspout photos filling social media feeds Wednesday comes just a day after an onslaught of tornado images from Denver International Airport resonated throughout the Twittersphere.