Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

The mugginess is starting to wear a little thin. Add in the potential for heavy downpours and gusty winds in plentiful thunderstorms and I can go no higher.

Express Forecast

Today: Muggy, storms likely. Highs 88-92.

Tonight: T’storms wind down by midnight. Lows 69-75.

Tomorrow: Hot, humid with scattered p.m. t’storms. Highs 89-93.


Radar & lightning:Latest D.C. area radar shows movement of precipitation and lightning strikes over past two hours. Refresh page to update. Click here or on image to enlarge. Or see radar bigger on our Weather Wall.

It may be hard to tell if the dripping is coming from the sky or your forehead now through the weekend. Today features the greatest severe weather threat but thunderstorms are likely to be an every afternoon/evening performance that gets no standing ovation from me. That being said, dry time should still greatly outpace the wet, so don’t abandon outdoor activities this weekend. But get a radar app!

Today (Thursday):  The remnants of an overnight storm complex from West Virginia will keep some clouds in the area this morning. However, sunshine should pick up by midday and so does the heat index (mid-upper 90s) with highs in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Winds from the south are a respectable 10-15 mph but provide limited relief.

storm threat

The stage is set for potentially severe t’storms, most likely in the mid-to-late afternoon. Heavy downpours (even some flash flooding), damaging wind gusts, hail, and even an isolated tornado are possible. Rain chances are 70 percent. Keep a close eye on developments. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Showers/t’storms are likely to continue well into the evening (60 percent chance) but severe potential should diminish by around dark, if only the humidity would! Winds out of the south are mainly light but still gusty in storms. Lows remain in the upper 60s suburbs to mid-70s downtown. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Friday): The skies are likely to clear up a bit better but unfortunately that just means more heating and a 60 percent chance for more afternoon showers and t’storms. The only good thing about the afternoon rains is they should hold highs to the lower 90s, I hope. The severe potential of the storms should be more limited. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: The showers should diminish quickly after sunset but that sunset is as late as it gets all year so there is still a 40 percent chance of getting nicked. For those braving it, evening readings linger in the 80s. Lows end up in the upper 60s to lower 70s. Confidence: Medium-High


Saturday features more of the same heat and humidity but if there is a day when showers/t’storms are more limited this weekend, this is probably it. Your chance of getting doused is about 50 percent – best chance in the afternoon/evening. Now if I only knew what half of the area catches the break I would send you there (right now, it appears as if western areas may end up drier and eastern areas wetter). Highs reach the upper 80s to lower 90s and breezes are mainly light. It should quiet down quicker in the evening too but readings still hang in the 80s. Overnight lows reach the upper 60s to lower 70s. Confidence: Medium

Storms are likely to come surging back up from the south on Sunday but if the timing by recent models holds true, they might not arrive until late in the day. Highs are unrelenting with upper 80s still likely and the humidity may be even worse, if that is possible. The evening and overnight could be pretty stormy with a 70 percent chance of significant rains, perhaps an inch or more by the end of Monday. Lows do no better than upper 60s to lower 70s. Confidence: Medium

Monday has the makings of one of those all day, off and on shower spells. A 70 percent chance of rains is pretty bold but for now it looks warranted. Highs should at least be held down with low-to-mid 80s possible. Confidence: Medium