I recorded this derecho video from inside the Jefferson Memorial showing the storm conditions during the evening of June 29, 2012.  This is a scene rarely experienced in Washington.  The video contains extra footage which is being posted for the first time.  (Video by Kevin Ambrose, please credit Kevin Ambrose/Capital Weather Gang if you repost/embed this video elsewhere)

On the evening of June 29, Ian Livingston and I went on a storm chase to the Tidal Basin to photograph an approaching line of storms called a derecho.  In my CWG post that followed our storm chase, I described how Ian and I got caught in the storm and that my video camera was soaked by rain and stopped working.

Five weeks after the derecho, my camera dried out and I was able to retrieve the storm videos.  I then posted a short video clip of the derecho on our CWG blog in August of 2012.  I have reworked that video to include an extra minute of derecho footage not seen before.  The entire video above was shot inside the Jefferson Memorial during the stormy evening of June 29, 2012.

My video camera was never able to record video again after the derecho but I was happy just to retrieve the videos.  The still photos displayed below were taken with a different camera, a Sony DSLR, which was also soaked during the storm chase.  Despite the soaking, the DSLR camera functioned fine and continues to work fine.

Lightning strikes near Washington, D.C., June 29, 2012.  This photo was shot from inside the Jefferson Memorial.  (Kevin Ambrose)

A lightning flash illuminates the sky over Washington, June 29, 2012. (Kevin Ambrose)

This lightning photo was shot a few minutes after the derecho passed to the east of Washington, June 29, 2012.  (Kevin Ambrose)


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