Temperature Map

Temperatures:Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

It’s nice having a break from thunderstorm chances, and Saturday promises to be the third straight day without a drop of rain.  But the humidity has refused to surrender and shows its staying power through the weekend.  By late Sunday, the chance of showers and storms creeps back into the picture.

Through Tonight: Tranquil, but a bit steamy.  Temperatures slowly fall back through the 80s this evening with overnight lows mostly from 70-74 (suburbs-city).  Light winds from the southwest around 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow (Saturday): Just like today: partly sunny, hot and humid.  Highs swell into the low 90s with some mid-90s not out of the question.  With the humidity, it feels as hot as 95-100… This will definitely be one of the more sweltering days this summer to date.  Winds are from the southwest at 10 mph.

Saturday night and Sunday: Muggy Saturday night, with lows 71-75.  On Sunday, it feels just like the several days prior, with partly sunny skies, plenty of humidity, and highs around 90.  By late afternoon and early evening, a few thunderstorms could fire (25-35 percent chance, highest chances western areas).

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Independent July 4th fireworks, looking south from an alley in Bloomingdale, Washington, DC. (Jeff Morrow, via Flickr)

Pollen: Counts of trees, grasses, and weeds are all low, but mold spores are VERY HIGH, due to the recent rain and high humidity.