Sunset over the Reflecting Pool (Kevin Wolf via Facebook)

Saturday night’s sunset was something special.

As showers lifted north from Charles County into the District, Prince George’s, eastern Montgomery, and Howard counties, the setting sun intercepted them resulting in rainbows, but, more spectacularly, a fiery orange glow in locations just to their west.

Making the sunset even more dramatic, pretty much every imaginable cloud form was illuminated by the orange hues.  The fiery skies, unfortunately, were seemingly a harbinger of the incoming heat wave.

Here’s a wonderful sample of images from our readers via Flickr, Facebook and Twitter:

Sunset shots

Sunset in Adams Morgan (Christina Bledsoe via Facebook)

Sunset over the Capitol (Phil Yabut via Flickr)

Sunset in Alexandria (Christopher Skillman, via Flickr)



Sunset from Silver Spring (Dan Lawrence via Flickr)


Sunset, Arlington, Va. (John Sonderman via Flickr)

Rainbow shots

Rainbow over Shirlington (Christopher Skillman via Flickr,
Rainbow over Shirlington (Christopher Skillman via Flickr)

Rainbow over Shirlington (Christopher Skillman via Flickr)

Rainbow over Arlington (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

Night shots

Moon over the Washington Monument (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

Washington Monument Saturday evening (John Young via Flickr)