With the triple digit heat indices in the D.C. area, some West Coast relief sounds good around now.

This visually stunning time lapse video of San Francisco Bay area fog, called Adrift, will certainly take you to a cooler place.

Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

Thanks to the immensely talented creator, Simon Christen, for posting this online in a sharable format.

Here’s just a short excerpt of Christen’s account of shooting this mesmerizing scene:

I set up both cameras, double checked the settings and started shooting. As the sun neared the horizon the clouds above lit up with a vibrant glow. The fog below spilled into the different valleys of the Marin Headlands, caressing the hillsides tenderly, before spilling over the ridges and sinking back into itself. Finally the sun rose, shining its first rays onto the sea of fog below me. The mist lit up golden, casting long shadows onto itself. The scene was magical.

You will often hear meteorologists describe the atmosphere as a river of air. This video is the perfect visual to illustrate that point.