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The hot gets hotter in D.C., record high nighttime temperature matched

With each passing day, the heat wave baking the East Coast has grown a bit more intense.

Locally, the third day of this stifling heat wave looks to be the hottest yet.  The combination heat and humidity should at least hold or even grow a little more fierce Thursday and Friday.

Today’s 11 a.m. temperature in the District of 91 has matched yesterday but we’ll likely see highs surpass yesterday’s 96, with an outside chance of reaching 99.

The heat index at 11 a.m. of 100 has nearly matched yesterday’s peak level, and we may flirt with 105 this afternoon, which is heat advisory criteria.

Like yesterday, the air temperature and heat index in the D.C. area is about as hot as anywhere east of the Rockies, if not the entire country.

One record matched, more in jeopardy

The low this morning at Reagan National Airport was just 80 degrees, and assuming it doesn’t get cooler than that prior to midnight (very unlikely), it will tie the record for highest minimum temperature on July 17 first set in 1983.

We have a shot to tie or beat record high minimum temperatures Thursday and Friday as well, which are 80 (2012) and 79 (2011), respectively.

The record highs of 102, 103, and 102 the next three days should not be threatened.

Heat index forecast for Thursday and Friday

The National Weather Service is predicting heat indices in the 102 to 105 range in Washington both Thursday and Friday.  A few locally higher readings are possible.

 Heat safety tips

Here’s a reminder about some things you can do to stay cool and help those vulnerable to excessive heat:

* Seek air conditioning

* Stay hydrated with non-alcoholic beverages

* Take it easy outside; don’t overexert yourself

* If you’re in a place without air conditioning and need to cool off, consider taking a cool shower

* Check on older adults, especially those living alone, to make sure they are cool and hydrated.

* Never, ever leave a child or pet inside a parked car for any length of time