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Today’s heat was the week’s most suffocating, with heat indices surging as high as 110. Although the heat wave has peaked, the balance of Saturday is still uncomfortably toasty, with heat indices up to 105 or so. Finally, a cold front approaches Saturday evening, that will kill the heat wave, but bring another round of showers and storms.

Through Tonight: There’s a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms this evening, some of which could produce very heavy rain, lightning, and briefly very strong winds. Outside of storms, it’s extremely muggy, with heat indices as high as 100 through about 9 or 10 p.m. Overnight lows range from near 80 downtown with mid-to-upper 70s elsewhere with winds from the southwest at around 5 mph.

Tomorrow (Saturday): Not quite as bad as today, but still uncomfortably hot and humid…so please hydrate and take it easy if you’re outdoors for extended periods. Highs reach the mid-90s with heat indices up to 105 or so. By late afternoon, there’s a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Winds are from the southwest at 5-10 mph.

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Number of
90-degree days

Yearly average: 36

Record most: 67 (1980,2010)

Record fewest: 7 (1886,1905)

Last year: 52

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Saturday night: Better than even chances (60 percent) of showers and thunderstorms during the evening through around midnight. A few storms could be severe with damaging winds, but I don’t expect a widespread outbreak (better chance of severe storms is north of the region). The cold front doesn’t push south of the area until late at night, so don’t expect a ton of cooling. Overnight lows range from the mid-to-upper 70s downtown to near 70 in the cooler suburbs.

Sunday: With the cold front to our south, it’s slightly less warm and humid, but this isn’t a clean frontal passage, so it remains a bit muggy.  Highs reach the upper 80s (near average), and there’s a 30-50 percent chance of showers and storms, with the best odds in our southern areas closer to the front.

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Pollen: For the local area, weed and grass counts are MODERATE, trees are LOW, and mold spores are HIGH

A fiery sky Thursday evening. (John Sonderman via Flickr)

A poem by reader Tim Torkildson:

I dream of Nome, Alaska, on a humid day like this.
To sit upon a glacier would sure be the sheerest bliss!
I’d take a stroll with penguins with shoes off, in my bare feet,
While reveling in slush and basking in the gentle sleet.

But I am stuck in traffic, gridlocked on I-95 —
Windows down and feeling like I’m burning up alive!
The ac doesn’t work when stalled for hours at a time,
And I am left to curse myself for living in this clime.

I bet the hygrometer has gone off the scale at last.
I calculate the dew point nevermore will be surpassed!
If I survive this holocaust of heat I’m staying home
Until the sun no longer is so strong that it melts chrome.