Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

After last week today is a breath of fresh, dry, mild, and non-hazardous air!

Express Forecast

Today: Partly sunny and low humidity. Highs: 80-84.

Tonight: Partly starry and calm. Lows: 62-68.

Tomorrow: Sunshine dominates, humidity still moderate. Highs: 82-86.


The next two days almost make up for last week…right? Well, OK, at least the cadre of summer haters that frequent this site have to agree today is one very nice day. And in this case, it looks like it will be two for the price of one as tomorrow is a dandy as well. The weekend sees humidity and temps start to creep back up but with a little luck thunderstorms hold off until Sunday, so make the most of your Saturday!

Today (Thursday): It should almost be a shock walking outside into the cool morning and for those of us downtown at least, our first taste of 60s this month. The sun is pleasant for a change but look for puffy cumulus clouds to bubble up quickly, with even some cloudier skies possible east of I-95. Humidity is but a memory. Light winds from the north make it remain comfy even when highs top out in the lower 80s. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: The skies should clear up in the evening and 70s are back to beckon us out of doors. A light breeze from the north remains. Lows fall to the low-to-mid 60s outside the beltway and upper 60s downtown Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Friday): The sun is a little more dominant and this allows the highs to climb into the mid-80s in most locations. However, the real factor of note is still moderate humidity. With the light breeze out of the north continuing, it is nothing but pleasant. Confidence: High

Tomorrow night: Another great night to snag an outdoor café table with readings in the 70s and nearly calm winds. The skies are clear and none of that damp air is to be had. Lows reach the upper 60s-lower 70s. Confidence: High


Saturday finally slips back into the more “normal” garb of our summer wardrobe. Humidity is on the increase but quite bearable as we swap out our north wind for one from the south. This leads to more in the way of pop-up afternoon clouds and a very slight 20% chance of a shower or thundershower from late afternoon into the early evening. Highs reach the mid-to-upper 80s. By sunset, temps should drop back to very pleasant upper 70s to lower 80s, so no reason to stay in. Lows fall to the upper 60s to lower 70s. Confidence: Medium-High

Sunday poses some dilemmas for outdoor activities as a cold front is headed into the area and is likely (60% chance) to set off afternoon/evening t’storms. Highs still manage to reach the mid-to-upper 80s in all but areas that see early showers and humidity is at true summer levels, i.e. muggy. Overnight lows get knocked back to the mid-60s to lower 70s. Confidence: Medium

Monday is likely to be much improved as humidity slips lower behind the front and skies gradually clear. Highs are mainly in the mid-80s. Confidence: Medium