It’s late July, but don’t tell northern Minnesotans that.

A little town in the arrowhead of Minnesota, called Embarrass, dipped to a bone-chilling 35 degrees this morning.

The air mass is so cold, that the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast office in Duluth hoisted frost advisories for the northeastern-most sliver of the state early this morning.

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Actual lows  ranged from 35-40; at 35, Embarrass was the coldest of the cold.

But, believe it or not, it can get a lot colder than 35 in Embarrass during July.

“It’s gotten down to 27, 35 isn’t even in the top 10 coldest,” said Steve Gohde, observing program leader at the NWS Duluth office. “We’ve had snow in every month up here.”

Lowest low temperature over the last 19 Julys in Embarrass, MN. (National Weather Service)

As recently as 2009, Embarrass was in the grips of a much more intense mid-summer cold snap.

“We had a string of cold mornings, 5 days at 34 or below,” Gohde said.

Gohde explained Embarrass sits on the northwest side of the Iron Range, a gently elevated region of the Minnesota’s arrowhead where cold air streaming south from Canada tends to pile up.

It’s not a place you’d probably want to visit in January. The temperature has plummeted to an astonishing 57 below zero twice there in the last 20 years.

The current spell of chilly weather followed 90-degree heat last week and reached northern Minnesota Friday.  By Saturday, day time highs were only in the 50s, setting record low maximums.  The chill also reached Chicago, which set a record low maximum of 65.

The responsible cold front then plowed east and was behind Philadelphia’s rainiest day on record Sunday.

Here in Washington, today’s delightfully cooler, drier air is streaming in from the northwest, straight from – none other than – Embarrass…

But this is no weather to be ashamed of.