Update, 11:15 p.m.: Check out this *insane* video from inside a tornado near Milan, taken from an office building. Watch as a huge mass of debris – some of the fragments very large – swirls and then rages through the air (the action picks up in a big way after about 40 seconds).

The videographer was extraordinarily lucky not to be bombarded and should’ve been nowhere near those windows.

(Video courtesy youreporter.it)

Original post from 4:11 p.m.: International news media are reporting multiple tornadoes touched down in Italy Monday.

Details remain sketchy, but according to MeteoWeb, the tornadoes focused in the province of Milan, resulting in damage to buildings and some injuries.

Here are three videos that were posted to YouTube, all reportedly from Trezzo, a municipality about 18 miles northeast of the city of Milan (the second video shows lofted debris):

(Video posted to YouTube by 00albertone)

(Video posted to YouTube by Rete Meteo Amatori)

(Video posted to YouTube by ceduardo eloor)

Here is a fourth video, from Sanremo, which is on the northwest coast of Italy, well displaced from Milan (both the city and province). It shows furniture being lofted as a possible tornado or waterspout comes ashore.

(Flying debris/furniture starts at about 10-20 seconds in, video posted to YouTube by Rete Meteo Amatori)

Referred to locally as whirl winds (tromba d’aria), tornadoes in Italy are fairly common as the country sits in a transition zone between warm, humid air over the Mediterranean and cooler, drier air over continental Europe.

Earlier today, a very energetic disturbance (or vorticity/spin maximum) cycled through the region, initiating the violent thunderstorms which produced the tornadoes.

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