The Capitol at dusk on a pleasant Thursday evening (Ian Livingston via Flickr)

The last week of July is typically one of the hottest of the year in Washington, D.C.  Mercifully, this year’s finale to July is the coolest of the last 10 (dating back to 2004).

The average high temperature has been 84, compared to the normal of 88.  Overnight lows have dropped to a comfortable 69 on average, compared to a normal of 71.  Taking the high and low together, it has averaged just over 3 degrees cooler than normal July 25-July 31 (assuming a high of 82 today).

The next coolest year in the last 10 was 2004, when July’s closing week had an average high of 83 and low of 72.

Thank goodness, it was nothing like the end of July in the previous three years when the average high and low were 94 and 75 (93/74 in 2012, 97/79 in 2011, and 94/75 in 2010)…10 and 6 degrees above this year’s average high and low, respectively.