After killing 18 people in the Philippines as a tropical storm, Typhoon Trami swept through Taiwan Tuesday and Wednesday, dumping tremendous amounts of rain. Accuweather reports widespread totals of over 8 inches of rain.

“One spot in Taipei City had at least 610 mm (2 feet) of rain,” Accuweather writes.  Some mountainous locations received even heavier totals the State College-based forecasting company said.

To manage the onslaught of water, an astonishing flow was released from Shiman Dam in Northern Taiwan Wednesday.  Check out the video (hat tip: Jeff Masters):

Video courtesy TyphoonHunter via YouTube

Despite what you see in this dramatic footage, damage in Taiwan from Trami was minor says The Associated Press.

Trami has since made landfall in east China with peak winds of 85 mph. It is weakening on its inland trek today, but is forecast to drop 4-8 inches along its path.

Trami makes landfall in China (NASA)

“One positive note,” writes Jeff Masters. “Trami’s rains are falling over portions of China that are in moderate to exceptional drought. The 2013 drought in China has been that nation’s most expensive natural disaster thus far, costing over $6 billion.”

It’s been feast or famine when it comes to rainfall in China. While drought plagues parts of its central regions, flooding has killed or left missing 250 people mainly in the northeast part of the country in the past week.