Air Foamposite One Premium ‘Weatherman’ (Nike)

Rush out to a select Nike retailer or hop online with your credit card, the first two styles in Nike’s Weatherman shoe pack hit stores this morning at 8 a.m.

Nike’s description of the weather-themed shoes:

Graphic, Doppler-esque depictions of inclement weather patterns grace the uppers of each shoe. The blue colorway demonstrates a quick transformation from calm to intense, while the red represents the constant pounding of a soaking thunderstorm.

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Air Force 1 CMFT Premium ‘Weatherman’ (Nike)

The  Air Foamposite One Premium ‘Weatherman’ will set you back a steep $250 while the more economical Air Force 1 CMFT Premium ‘Weatherman’ costs a mere $135.

The third shoe in the Weatherman pack is thermal-themed, and will be released September 28.

The thermal-themed Air Foamposite One (Nike)

Just like weather imagery, these shoes are best appreciated in motion.  Here’s a series of animated images (courtesy Nike’s Web site):





Major props to Nike for its taking modern weather imagery and transforming into a trend-setting fashion…