When the discussion turns to funnels at the beach over Labor Day weekend, usually the reference is to funnel cake, not funnel clouds.  But vacationers near Bethany Beach, Del. and Pensacola, Fl. had close encounters with funnels of the non-edible kind.

First, on Sunday afternoon, a funnel cloud was observed in Millville, Delaware, which is just a few miles up Rt. 26 from Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Here’s the video:

From the video, it appears – but cannot be confirmed – that the funnel touched the ground. If it made ground contact, it would then be officially classified a tornado.

“An area business on Rt. 24 in Millville did have some damage to the rear of the shopping center after the funnel cloud was seen,” the radio station WDEL reports.

CWG’s Ian Livingston and I conferred, and believe it was likely a tornado.

“There is a condensation area pretty low and disconnected early which often happens in a tornado,” Livingston says.

Pensacola waterspout

Next up, boaters captured this video of a waterspout near Pensacola, Florida on Monday. Here’s the footage:

The close-up views of the waterspout are very impressive, but the boaters were extremely foolish to approach so close.

“While waterspouts may seem weaker than a land-based tornado, they can very, very easily flip a boat over before you even know what hit you (literally),” correctly points out Rob White of The Original Weather Blog.