Temperature Map

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Temperatures soared into the mid-90s this afternoon and it felt as hot as 100-104 factoring in the humidity (dew points 70-72). Good news: the worst of the heat is over and I’m guessing heat of today’s magnitude doesn’t return until next summer.  But it’s still somewhat toasty Thursday until a cold front says hello late in the day, instigating scattered storms before cooler air filters in.

Through Tonight: If you enjoy warm, summery evenings with soft, gentle breezes, grab an outdoor table and a cold drink, and soak this one in.  It may be a while before the next one comes along.  Under partly cloudy skies, temps gradually fall through the 80s before reaching lows in the mid-70s downtown and near 70 in the cooler suburbs. Winds are from the south around 5 mph.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Partly sunny, hot and humid into the afternoon, with highs 88-92.  By late afternoon, there’s a 20-30 percent chance of thunderstorms (highest chances west).  In the early evening, chances increase to around 40 percent.  Winds are from the southwest at 5-10 mph, but may be higher in thunderstorms.

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(Caroline Angelo, September 8, via Flickr)

Pollen: Grass and tree counts are LOW. Weeds counts are MODERATE-HIGH.  Mold spores counts are MODERATE-HIGH.