For the first time since May 30, D.C.’s average high falls below 80 on this 17th day of September. Thus concludes the 110-day stretch when we might consider the typical weather “summery.”

Today’s weather is certainly fit for fall, with highs struggling to reach 70, about 10 degrees below average.

The signs of fall are all around us:

* A New Hampshire ski area  is testing out its snow guns.

Bretton Woods ski resort in New Hampshire fires up its snow guns (Bretton Woods via Facebook)
Bretton Woods ski resort in New Hampshire fires up its snow guns (Bretton Woods via Facebook)

* There are a smattering of frost advisories in the Northeast.

* AccuWeather has issued its (virtually unchanged) fall foliage outlook for the second time. It’s bullish for spectacular fall color in the Mid-Atlantic.


* Hints of fall color are starting to emerge in our western areas.

The view from Delaplane, Va. on September 16 (Caroline Angelo via Flickr)

* BuzzFeed is abuzz is about the impending burst of color. Here’s some click candy: 22 Alluring Pics Of Fall Foliage That Will Help You Get Over Summer

* Days are getting shorter, fast. We’ve lost 40 minutes since September 1, and will lose another 31 minutes by the of the month. On September 30, the sun then rises after 7 a.m. and sets before 7 p.m. in the District. In all, we lose 71 minutes of daylight during September.

Two years ago around this time, CWG reader Melissa Weitz shared this advisory – about the manic behavior of the incoming season:

BREAKING NEWS: Fall weather conditions appear to be forming in DC. Models are showing that fall is on a trajectory to directly hit the east coast within the next few weeks! Residents are advised to discard any flip flops, iced coffee beverages, and rooftop party plans, and to be ready with sweaters to put on and take off and on and off, and umbrellas to put up then down then up then down, as each minute decides if it is going to be hot or cold and rainy or dry…

Are you ready?