Temperature Map

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Today temperatures made a solid upward move towards normal, with highs reaching the upper 70s. After a seasonably cool night, we see our first dose of 80s and above normal temperatures in a week on Friday.

Through Tonight: At 7:08 and 7:09 p.m., look east and then look west, as the sun sets and the harvest moon rises under mostly clear skies. Temperatures fall back into the 60s as it gets dark. Lows range from near 50 in the cooler suburbs to the upper 50s downtown. It’s a good night to keep the windows open.

Tomorrow (Friday): A light breeze from the south brings summer back on its final full day (according to the astronomical calendar). High temperature range from 80-84, under partly to mostly sunny skies.

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Fog rises above the Reflecting Pool this morning. (Kevin Ambrose)

Sunday’s forecast looking drier: David Streit’s forecast from earlier today mentioned showery weather on Sunday.  Today’s models want to move out any rain by early in the morning…so the balance of the day (including the Redskins game) may well be dry. Stay tuned for updated forecasts Friday morning.

Pollen: Tree and grass counts are LOW. Weed and mold spore counts are MODERATE.

It’s getting dry: Very little rain has fallen in the region since July and now the U.S. Drought Monitor classifies the region in its “abnormally dry” category.  If appreciable rain continues to elude the region, moderate drought conditions may not be far behind.

Reflecting pool time lapse:  Here’s the scene you see above, from Capital Weather Gang photographer Kevin Ambrose (taken this morning at sunrise), in motion: