On Monday, September 16, Capital Weather Gang reader Brandon Kopp traveled to Yellowstone National Park.  As if the beautiful landscape surroundings along the Firehole river near Old Faithful weren’t enough the fill the senses with awe, the sky also decided to put on a show.

Here’s the photograph Kopp captured of the scene:

(Brandon Kopp)

Cumulus clouds. Check. Center left.

Cumulonimbus/incus clouds. Check. Top center.

Stratus clouds. Check. Bottom center right.

Cirrus clouds. Check. Middle center right.

Fog. Check. Back, left of center (over the river)

Weird clouds, i.e. mammatus. Check.  Center.

As for the weather itself, Kopp said it was turbulent, but he managed to stay dry.

“Their were some storms in the area (I heard thunder a lot that night but didn’t see lightning) and no rain,” Kopp said. “Moderate temps around 55-60.”