Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

I like clouds, but today may hide the sun a bit much at times. Not quite perfect; but, less need for sunscreen!

Express Forecast

Today: Shrouded sun at times, comfortable. Highs: Around 70 to mid-70s.

Tonight: Diminishing clouds. Lows: Upper 40s to upper 50s.

Tomorrow: Sun mixes with clouds. Highs: Low-to-mid 70s.

Sunday: Sunnier? Continued comfortable. Highs: Mid-to-upper 70s.


Another very decent weekend on tap, arguably it isn’t exactly perfect—but I bet you cannot find too much to complain about. Except lack of rain, sure. Barring those increasingly valid rain concerns, revel in the comfort that is autumn in D.C. Only a minor bump or two on this delightful journey.

Clouds: Latest mid-Atlantic infrared satellite shows movement of clouds over past two hours. Refresh page to update. See more maps on our Weather Wall.

Today (Friday): Light northeast breezes (5-10 mph) help keep skies from showing us bright sunshine, but we should have brighter skies overall by afternoon. Strong cloud cover could keep some around 70 degrees. But most high temperatures should get into the low-to-mid 70s for most of us. A bit lower than recently, but just because today isn’t a “perfect 10” and a “Nice Day” per se, it should still be enjoyable. You can even go easier with that sunscreen, I think! Plus we should have comfortable un-muggy dew points in the 50s. I should quickly mention a 5-10% chance of a quick shower, very spotty and very light if anything. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: We may actually clear out mostly. Just a few clouds for most of us look likely and low temperatures again stay comfortable downtown in the 56-59 range. Outside of the Beltway it could get as cool as the upper 40s. Not too chilly, right? Light northeast breezes continue up to 5 mph or so. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): A few clouds are again probable, but it’s likely sunnier in the afternoon, as we have experienced recently. High temperatures in the low-to-mid 70s are a good bet. East-northeast breezes feel refreshing at 5-10 mph, and dew points remain very comfortable. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: Clouds may not be numerous but a few could dot the sky from time to time. Low temperatures in the 50s are most likely, region-wide, with warmest readings likely downtown. Confidence: Medium

Sunday: Another pleasant one. It could end up being a half-notch warmer, in the mid-to-upper 70s. But, that assumes we finally get a mostly sunny day. If clouds win out more, mid-70s is probably it. Points well south of town could, maybe, touch 80? Confidence: Medium-High


Sunday night: Clouds may move in to pester us overnight, perhaps even a 5-10% chance of a shower. But I know gardeners and farmers, especially, would like more sizable rain amounts and higher chances for it. Low temperatures hover again in the 50s. Confidence: Low-Medium

Monday is perhaps a continuation — broken record? — of our pattern with some clouds, especially in the morning, showing us more sun by afternoon. High temperatures, you guessed it, in the 70s. With substantial sun and the potential for a stronger southerly breeze, upper 70s are possible. A moisture-starved cold front could try to approach, giving us a 10-20% chance of a shower. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tuesday may bring just slightly drier air, should the moisture-starved cold front fully push through our region. But timing remains up in the air, at least for now. I will keep a 10% chance of a shower in the forecast, but overall clouds should give way to sunshine fairly easily, for most of the day. High temperatures in the 70s are a decent bet. Confidence: Low