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Okinawa takes vicious blow from Typhoon Danas (VIDEO)

Typhoon Danas -satellite view from earlier today (NOAA)
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The southwest eyewall of Typhoon Danas ripped across the northern tip of Okinawa earlier today. The western Pacific typhoon had peak winds of close to 140 mph, the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane as it battered the Japanese island.

Storm chasers James Reynolds, Josh Morgerman, and Mark Thomas positioned themselves at the northern tip of Okinawa to experience Danas’ full force (see map of their location below).

Here’s video captured by Reynolds and posted to YouTube:

Reynolds described the storm as a “giant atmospheric washing machine”.

The radar loop of the storm, courtesy Capital Weather Gang tropical weather expert Brian McNoldy (via the Japan Meteorological Agency), reveals exactly what Reynolds, Morgerman, and Thomas encountered:

Since smashing the Ryukyu Islands (the chain that includes Okinawa), Danas has swung to the north on a track towards Korea and Japan. It is forecast to weaken substantially, but is likely to bring heavy rain and wind to those countries Tuesday and Wednesday (mainly Japan).

“While Tokyo will dodge the worst of Danas, wind gusts on Wednesday could still top out between 50-65 kph (30-40 mph),” writes AccuWeather.

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