Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Not vastly better than Friday, but less in the way of rain is a good bet. And it’s the weekend!

Express Forecast

Today: Occasional showers, possibly heavy. Highs: Mid-60s.

Tonight: Showers possible. Lows: Mid-50s.

Tomorrow: Showers tending to end. Highs: Mid-to-upper 60s.


Radar & lightning: Latest regional radar shows movement of precipitation and lightning strikes over past two hours. Refresh page to update. Click here or on image to enlarge. Or see radar bigger on our Weather Wall.

The little storm that could hangs around today, though with some luck the punch it packs won’t be anything like the last two days. While clouds remain numerous, probably through the weekend, rain should become less common as we go. Just keep your umbrella handy for now! Silver lining in all of this? Those dry conditions we went through have been more or less erased along with drought concerns.

Today (Saturday): Our never-ending storm begins to end. Rain should be less widespread and intense than over the past two days, though it’s not likely to be super dry out there. Precip should be more hit-and-miss, with many spots getting less than 0.25″-0.50″, but some locations could still pick up at least 1″ if they find a sweet spot of showers. Highs head for the mid-60s, perhaps a touch warmer if we can dry out for any good length of time. Winds are from the north and northeast around 10 mph. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Showers continue to be likely at times overnight, but most of them should be light. Where it doesn’t rain much, drizzle could still be an issue. Lows are mostly in the mid-50s as a north/northeast wind persists. Confidence: Medium

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Tomorrow (Sunday): We should finally really start kicking the rain threat as the storm system weakens further while drifting away. Showers or drizzle may remain likely in the morning, but become a small risk by late in the day. Highs should reach the mid-and-upper 60s. Confidence: Medium

Tomorrow night: We stay rather cloudy, with some fog possible as well in spots. However, a bit drier air filtering in helps get temperatures a little lower than recently as well, and it might help us see some breaks in the clouds too. Look for lows to range from near 50 to the mid-50s. Confidence: Medium


Monday brings us some much needed time to dry out, and also delivers partly sunny skies. As of now, it appears it may be totally dry, though there’s perhaps a very slight chance of a shower late, particularly western areas and west. Highs rise to near 70. Under partly cloudy skies, lows make the upper 40s to low-and-mid 50s Monday night. Confidence: Medium

On Tuesday, we’re still looking dry under partly cloudy skies. A cold front approaching from the west holds off until at least Wednesday or Thursday, and we arguably deserve a somewhat extended break from rain at this point! Highs again head to near 70. Confidence: Medium