Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the days weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Minimal clouds and awarding a Friday bonus point. Mid-60s to around 70 should feel autumnal but great.

Express Forecast

Today: Increasing sunshine. Grab a windbreaker? Highs: Mid-60s to around 70.

Tonight: Clear early, cloudy later. Lows: Mid-40s to low 50s.

Tomorrow: Morning sun, afternoon showers? Highs: Mid-60s to around 70.

Sunday: Mainly sunny by afternoon. Highs: Low-to-mid 60s.


A quick-moving atmosphere should vary our weather often this weekend. But there will be periods for outdoor activities, just take advantage where you see sun in the forecast! Breezes, clouds—even showers—may not be far behind. Still, heavy rain seems unlikely, so don’t go cancelling anything major.

nice day
Today (Friday): Clouds may not be totally out of here by morning, but the trend by late afternoon is for more sunshine. A west-northwesterly breeze between 5 to 10 mph should keep crisp-feeling the high temperatures in the Mid-60s to around 70. I still may try to get outside for lunch—you? Confidence: High

Tonight: Skies should be fairly clear early in the night, but a greater number of clouds start moving in by sunrise. Overnight temperatures still drop moderately, from the mid-40s far outside the Beltway to the low 50s nearer and inside downtown. Light south breezes around 5 mph may be felt at times. Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Clouds increase slowly and showers may develop later (20-30%) but high temperatures still reach the mid-60s to around 70. Slightly warmer temperatures are possible if sun shines longer in the morning than currently expected. Still, get outside early if you can. South winds should increase, from 10 mph to some afternoon gusts around 20 mph. Confidence: Low-Medium

Tomorrow night: Lots of clouds in the sky, with showers a possibility (30-40% chance). Rain should remain light (less than a quarter inch) but we will modify our forecast if updated information indicates higher amounts becoming probable. Low temperatures still manage to get coolish, into the mid-to-upper 40s. Confidence: Low-Medium

Sunday: Clouds should clear early, perhaps even earlier than mid-morning. Bright sunshine by afternoon should make a great Redskins game and comfortable day. Assuming you like a taste of October that is. High temperatures end up in the low-to-mid 60s. Confidence: Medium


Sunday night: It may prove a tad nippy, with low temperatures throughout the region—even downtown—likely bottoming out near some of the coldest we’ve seen this season so far. Skies remain mostly clear, allowing all our heat at ground level to escape quickly into the atmosphere. A few of the typically colder spots could see a reading of like 37? Even downtown is close to the 40-degree mark. Confidence: Medium

Monday may show off some autumnal glory with mainly sunny skies and high temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. Dress in layers since we are getting into that time of year when comfort can vary whether you are in the shade or the sun, or out in the morning vs. afternoon. You’ll want to customize your outfit! Confidence: Medium

After a start to the day in the 40s pretty much everywhere, Tuesday could be pretty great with more sun than clouds and high temperatures in the mid-60s to around 70. Soak it up, we’re heading toward the cold months. Confidence: Low-Medium