Temperature Map

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Today’s weather was virtually flawless, so it’s too bad we can’t hold onto it for another day. On Saturday, it turns cloudy and a few showers are possible in the afternoon and evening. But, reversing course, Sunday is close to a repeat of today even if temperatures are slightly cooler.

Through Tonight: Clear and crisp. Grab a fleece if you head out to peer at the “Hunter” full moon, faintly eclipsed.  Lows range from the low 40s in the coolest suburbs to the low 50s downtown. Winds are more or less calm.

Tomorrow (Saturday and Saturday night): Clouds increase in the morning, with a 30 percent chance of showers in the afternoon.  It’s dry more often than not and, with a south wind (near 10 mph), modestly milder than today with highs near 70. A few showers may (30 percent chance) linger into the evening, with gradual clearing after midnight.  Overnight lows range from the low 40s in the cooler suburbs to near 50 downtown.

Sunday: This is among the cooler days of the fall so far but, with plenty of sunshine, an inviting day to be outside. This would be a good day to drive west and check out the fall foliage in the mountains. Highs range from 60-65, with lights winds from the west at 5-10 mph.

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Pollen: Trees, grasses, and weeds are LOW.  Mold spore counts are HIGH.

Next week’s cold blast: Models continue to advertise and, if anything, have become more emphatic about an early blast of wintry air by Thursday next week.  Both the European and GFS models suggest lows in the 30s next Friday morning (which would prompt frost and freeze concerns in the colder suburbs) with highs only in the low 50s.

Sometimes the models overdo cold air outbreaks at longer time ranges, but notably colder than normal air in a week’s time is a virtual guarantee.  The maps below illustrate forecast lows and highs from the GFS model on Friday, October 25.

Forecast lows for Friday by the GFS model (WeatherBell.com)

Forecast highs for Friday by the GFS model (WeatherBell.com)