One early model run showing the idea that a very strong storm could impact the East Coast was the Canadian GEM, released at 0z on Oct 22, 2012.

The anniversary of Superstorm Sandy’s landfall doesn’t hit until next week. But it was a year ago today that forecasters first saw the makings of a potentially historic event.

At around the same time as the 18th tropical depression of the season strengthened into Tropical Storm Sandy about 400 miles south of Jamaica, the European model latched on to the idea of a monster storm attacking the mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. in about a week’s time. Other models would eventually follow suit, some taking longer than others, allowing forecasters to provide several days’ notice that undoubtedly saved countless lives.

We’ll have a number of Sandy-related anniversary posts during the next week or so. For today, we’ll simply leave you with a few tweets that harken back to the start of the Sandy build-up one year ago today…