Temperature Map

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

As is often the case around here, getting a warm front through the region has been a difficult process through the day. However, after some morning showers, it hasn’t been too bad, with at least some peeks of sun around helping warm us up into the low-and-mid 60s most spots.

Through Tonight: We may stay mostly clear for a good part of the evening, but clouds are generally on the increase again overnight. Lows head for the near 50 to mid-50s range. With light winds and temps nearing the dew point, some fog is possible by morning.

Tomorrow (Halloween): Skies are rather spooky looking much of the day, with the potential for morning fog and a general gray otherwise. I’m hoping we’ll see some breaks, but don’t expect many. On the flip side, highs should head for near 70, maybe even the mid-70s. While the bulk of the rain associated with an approaching front should hold off until the day is done, it’s hard to promise a totally dry evening. Shower odds go up through the night, especially by late evening and past midnight. Check with us or glance at radar before heading out!

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Pollen update: Mold spores are low/moderate. All other pollen types are low.

Anacostia River Trail & Kingman Island. (caroline.angelo via Flickr)

Weather and wine: The Los Angeles Times reports that global production of wine “has dipped to its lowest level in over 40 years.” The cause? Largely European and Argentinian vineyards underproducing in 2012 thanks to poor weather conditions. It does appear the shortage may not last long, as many of the world’s vineyards are reporting a big year for 2013. Still, it might not hurt to stock up. Just in case, of course!