From nephophobia – fear of clouds – to chionophobia – fear of snow, weather legitimately scares people.

Travis Kosko, a Charlottesville broadcast meteorologist, researched and unveiled the terms for different weather phobias.

See his list below…

Weather fears (Travis Koshko)


Koshko’s list omits “astraphobia” – the fear of thunder and/or lightning – commonly held by both people and animals (dogs and cats).

For Stu Ostro,  a senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel, his fear of thunderstorms spurred his passion for meteorology. He writes:

…my desire to become a meteorologist was rooted in a phobia of thunder and lightning. A lot of kids are scared of thunderstorms, but mine went way beyond a normal childhood fear. I was petrified at the sound of thunder or the flash of lightning, especially at night. . . .

That fright is what triggered my curiosity, fascination, and even obsession with the weather. It’s lasted my whole life.

The above list also leaves out pagophobia – the fear of ice and/or frost.

Notes Yahoo: The pagophobic individual may fear injuring themselves by slipping on ice or frost. At its most extreme, the person suffering with Pagophobia may refuse to leave their home when ice or frost is observed outside.

Do any types of weather make you afraid, or have you had to overcome any weather fears?

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