6:10 p.m. update: Today’s highs and lows — Reagan National 56/34, Dulles 55/25, and BWI 54/29. We’re warmer tonight, with most spots in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Today’s Daily Digit

A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 1 to 10.

Plenty of sun, and not too much chill for any leaf peeping or other outdoor activities.

Express Forecast

Today: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid-50s.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: Mid-30s to low 40s.

Tomorrow: Partly sunny, breezy. Mid-50s to near 60.


Temperature Map

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

High temperature averages are still around 60 in the immediate D.C. area, and the next few days probably won’t be too far off that mark. After that, a strong early-season Arctic high pressure dives out of Canada along with a cold front ushering in the arrival of extra-chilled air. While it may feel more like mid-to-late December midweek, concern about a coastal storm continues to remain low.

Today (Saturday): Not many clouds around, and not too unusual for the time of year. It’s still a bit cool with high temperatures mainly in the mid-50s, or ranging from about 53-58. Winds that are nearly calm early become more noticeable as the day goes, sustained around 10 mph from the southwest in the afternoon, before dwindling a bit in the evening. Confidence: Medium-High

Tonight: Skies are mostly clear through the night, but we’re not as chilled as recently thanks to our temporarily moderating air mass. Lows make the mid-30s to low 40s most spots. Winds are light from the southwest and south. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Another day with lots of sunshine! There could be some passing clouds at times as a weak front passes through early, but no worse than partly cloudy it seems. Despite the front, we pick up a few degrees compared to today, with highs largely in the mid-and-upper 50s — perhaps a 60 here and there. Winds are up as well, as high as 15-20 mph from the northwest with gustier periods in the afternoon. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Cooler air does eventually filter in behind the front, and it’s noticeable as we head into the night. Low temperatures are mostly in the 30s, or near freezing for the suburbs to the upper 30s to near 40 downtown. Winds may stay up a bit from the north and northwest. Confidence: Medium-High


Veterans Day is shaping up as a treat. We’re under the control of high pressure out ahead of the next front. So, we should see plentiful sun, and highs again rising toward the upper 50s or near 60. Soak it up, change is right around the corner. Confidence: Medium-High

The first major Arctic front of the winter descends upon us overnight Monday and into Tuesday. Some rain or snow showers may accompany it as it passes by somewhere near dawn (time subject to change) on Tuesday. Periods of clouds are possible throughout the day as well, though we should try to trend clearer with time. Highs only make the mid-to-upper 40s most spots, and this could be early in the day, with temperatures steady or even falling late. Confidence: Medium

Lows early Wednesday and highs the same day via last night’s GFS weather model run. One piece of the forecast pie. (Weatherbell.com) *select for larger*

Following morning lows in the mid-20s to around 30, on Wednesday it appears a storm will form far enough offshore not to impact the region. In theory, it’s still “close enough” to watch, but local impact seems increasingly unlikely. There could be some cloud cover should it pass close enough. Also, COLD. Highs are mainly in the near 40 to mid-40s range, and a brisk breeze may come along with that chill. Confidence: Medium

Another night of below freezing conditions across much of the area gives way to a slightly warmer Thursday, with highs attempting to rebound toward 50, maybe even higher if we’re lucky! Confidence: Low-Medium