Temperature Map

Temperatures: Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Though normal temperatures are now quickly cooling through the mid-50s, highs in the 40s still felt rather chilly today. At least that pesky wind has begun to die down a little. Some clouds overspread the area tonight, and they might be hard to kick tomorrow.

Through Tonight: High clouds from the west and lower clouds from the south should meet up over the area as we head through the evening, leaving us mostly cloudy after midnight. Lows range from near 30 in the coldest spots to the upper 30s downtown. Thankfully, winds are relatively light — 5 mph or less from the north or northeast.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Clouds that roll in tonight might not be in a hurry to leave, so we’ll see mostly to partly cloudy skies through the day. Temperatures are up a smidge, with highs making the near 50 to low 50s range most spots. Winds remain light, while shifting from northeast to southeast.

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Pollen update: All pollen types are low.

The moon rises over the National Mall during the evening of Nov. 19, 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

Winter cancel: Your phone doing too much buzzing for weather alerts like snowstorms? Well, you must not live around here (kidding!). Over a year ago, FEMA started sending out emergency alerts to phones based on their geolocation. But, no more for winter. Feedback has led them to cease sending out warnings for blizzards and ice storms. However, you will still receive info on tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes and extreme wind should you so choose.