In several ways, Tuesday’s snow was the best kind. Lots of places shut, giving many a day off. Then the most concerning part of the storm ended up not materializing everywhere. Instead, it left a pretty but comparatively low-impact footprint behind.

Those factors allowed area photographers to spend time in the snow. Better yet, it was the second accumulation in three days. There was also that in-between ice storm.

Below is a look through our eyes, as well as the eyes of just a handful of the many talented local photographers contributing to the Capital Weather Flickr Pool.

Outside and inside the City

D.C. shuts down for wet streets? Well, sort of. Those shots on TV are from about the warmest location in the entire region.

A cardinal perched on a snowy tree branch in Oakton, Va. December 10. (Kevin Ambrose)

Red berries with snow in front of the National Cathedral in NW DC on December 10. (Ian Livingston)

Ellicott City, Md. on December 10. (Daniel Hart Photography via Flickr)

Snow at the Lincoln Memorial on December 10. (Navin Sarma via Flickr)

Big Winners

The Sunday snow burst had a surprise “superband” of heavy snow north and west of the city. A lot of those same areas received a second generous snowfall Tuesday.

“Jackpot” snow in Loudoun County on December 8. (Barbara A. am Ende via Flickr)

Frederick, Md. on December 8. (C Pham Photo via Flickr)

Winchester, Va. picked up almost a foot of snow between systems. Here, December 10. (Doug Stanford via Flickr)

An Icy Glaze

In between the first and second snowfalls, a hefty batch of freezing passed by with claps of thunder. It left many things shiny, especially trees.

Ice from December 9 mingles with fresh snow from December 10 in Oakton, Va. (Kevin Ambrose)

Ice in Arlington, Va. on December 9. (lifeinthedistrict via Flickr)
December 9. (Jenn Vogel via Flickr)
December 9. (Jenn Vogel via Flickr)

Iced berries on December 9. (Jeff Gamble via Flickr)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

In addition to our trip to the National Christmas Tree for the snow portion of Sunday’s event, other Christmas scenes adorned with snow have presented themselves.

Christmas ornaments topped with snow on December 10 in Oakton, Va. (Kevin Ambrose)

Christmas decorations in the snow in DC on December 8. (Clif Burns via Flickr)

Snow falls at the Capitol near the DC lowlands on December 10. (Brian Allen via Flickr)

Even a Little Snow is Beautiful Snow

At least a few people ended up wondering why Tuesday was a snow day, but in these parts even a dusting can be something to celebrate.

DC’s first accumulating snow of the 2013-14 winter on December 8. (Fred King via Flickr)

Late-day sun shines on the light snowfall in Reston, Va., December 10. (Dan Arango via Flickr)

Remnant color mixed with snow in a wooded area of Cleveland Park, NW DC, December 10. (Ian Livingston)

Thinking of ‘light’ snow on December 10. (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

Snowmen Come and Go

A life of a snowman (or snowworm) is one fraught with uncertainty. Making an appearance in December is never a sure thing. Alas, it was fleeting in spots.

A mighty December snowman on the grounds of the National Cathedral, NW DC, December 10. (Ian Livingston)

Snow inchworm on December 10. (walter-in-fallschurch via Flickr)

(James0806 via Flickr)
(Erin Kelly via Flickr)
(Erin Kelly via Flickr)

(wolfpackWX via Flickr)