Manmade snow in Forest Glen, Md., December 25, 2013 (Tom O’Brien)

Flurries flew for a brief moment Christmas Eve, but they weren’t enough to lay down enough snow for a White Christmas.  Tom O’Brien in Forest Glen, Maryland decided to take matters into his own hand.  His email to us:

Last year I built a snow making machine for my father for Christmas though as you know it was a warm Christmas and warm winter. However last night and this morning was very different [in] Forest Glen, MD 20902. Please see attached photos. I ran the machine 6-11 a.m. this morning. I have had roughly 70 cars stop and take photos and the whole  neighborhood is buzzing about my white Christmas powered by an air compressor and a pressure washer. My friend suggested I share this with the gang and send a few photos…
Merry Christmas!

(Tom O’Brien)

(Tom O’Brien)

(Tom O’Brien)

Merry Christmas to Tom and to all of our readers who celebrate!


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