The polar vortex is on its way out. In addition to generating frigid air, it has been a weather content generating machine. Here’s some material that’s circulated around the the polar vortex you may have missed…

No, Rush Limbaugh, the polar vortex is not a liberal hoax, it’s a legitimate meteorological term that’s been around for decades.

Al Roker – of all people, who laughably described the vortex as an ‘arctic hurricane‘ (it’s not), helped set the record straight:


(Also, let the record show the term polar vortex was used in academic papers as far back as 1940.)

It was really cold in Washington, D.C. (info-graphic)

(Washington Post)

CWG’s Camden Walker explains shivering, runny noses and other things cold weather does to us

Do your teeth chatter when you're cold? Does your nose start running when temperatures drop? Capital Weather Gang contributor A. Camden Walker helps explain why. (The Washington Post)

Did you have a case of rhinorrhea today?

Walker talks polar vortex with the Voice of America (50 seconds in)

The frozen Potomac river looks great under the polar vortex


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