For all of the pain brought about by our polar vortex experience, at least the shining sheets of ice it formed on the Potomac offered a visual spectacle.

We’ve received many wonderful photographs of the iced over and partially iced over Potomac, so I thought I’d share them in one place.

The Potomac at Algonkian Regional Park at sunrise January 8 (Jeff Sherrill via Facebook)

The Potomac near the Kennedy Center January 8 (Erin Kelly via Flickr)

The Potomac January 9 (Bruce Sorrell via Flickr)

The Potomac from Bolling Air Force Base January 8 (Jennifer Sweeney)

The Potomac near the Memorial Bridge January 8 (Christopher Jewell via Facebook)

The Georgetown waterfront  and Key Bridge January 8 (Erin Kelly via Flickr)

Geese on the Potomac  January 8 (John Sonderman via Flickr)

Ice at the Memorial Bridge  on January 8  (John Sonderman via Flickr)

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Sunrise at the Tidal Basin January 4 (Kevin Wolf via Facebook)

In addition to the Potomac, some picturesque ice formations have developed on other area waterways…

Sunset over the Occoquan River January 9 (Jim Knapp via Facebook)

Four Mile Run in Arlington January 7 (Dennis Dimick via Flickr)

The Patapsco River January 5 (Daniel Hart via Flickr)


A word of caution…

We’ve received some questions about whether it’s safe to go out on ice on the C and O Canal and other places. Unless, the ice is three or (better) four inches thick, it is considered unsafe to walk (or skate) on. Especially with thawing temperatures this weekend, it’s best to stay off any ice.