Polar vortex January 7 (earth.nullschool.net)

I’m joining Stephanie Abrams (The Weather Channel), Marshall Shepherd (American Meteorological  Society), Bernadette Woods (Climate Central) and James Overland (NOAA) in a live discussion on the polar vortex, extreme weather and climate change, moderated by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

It starts at 2 p.m. (Friday, January 10) and you can watch it live here:

Or, you can join the Hangout here: We the Geeks: “Polar Vortex” and Extreme Weather

If you miss the live viewing, the program will also be archived and viewable above.

For more background on the event, see this post from the White House blog: We the Geeks: “Polar Vortex” and Extreme Weather

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