The MLK holiday was beautiful as temperatures soared into the upper 50s. But following a stunning sunset on the eve of the MLK holiday, marked by a cold front’s passage, temperatures tumbled. Then the snow came. Then temperatures tumbled more.

Each part of this weather journey offered beautiful visuals, documented by our readers. I share my top 15 favorite here…

1. MLK holiday sunrise at the Beach

Sunrise at Rehoboth Beach on MLK holiday (Clif Burns via Flickr)

2. MLK holiday sunrise and moonset at the MLK Jr. Memorial

Sunrise and moonset at the MLK Jr. Memorial (Navin Sarma via Flickr)

3. MLK holiday sunset at the MLK Jr. Memorial

Sunset at the MLK Jr. Memorial (Gwen Bausmith via Facebook)

4. MLK holiday sunset over D.C.

Sunset over D.C. on MLK Jr. holiday (Richard Barnhill via Facebook)

5. MLK holiday moonrise over D.C.

Moonrise on the MLK holiday over D.C. (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

6. Snow in D.C. – Independence Avenue

Snow on Independence Avenue, January 21 (Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

7. Snow in D.C. – The Mall

Snow on the Mall (LifeintheDistrict via Flickr)

8. Snow in D.C. – Memorial Bridge

Snow at the Memorial Bridge January 21 (LifeintheDistrict via Flickr)

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9. Snow in D.C. – Air Force Memorial

Snow at the Air Force Memorial (Navin Sarma via Facebook)

10. Snow and sun – Patapsco River

Snow at the Patapsco River, January 22 (Daniel Hart via Flickr)

11. The Potomac River freezing over

Potomac is freezing over  near Angler’s Inn in Montgomery County on January 23 (Sarah Anderson via Facebook)

12. Fun with bubbles (1)

Playing with bubbles in the freezing cold (Jenn Vogel via Flickr)

13. Fun with bubbles (2)

Bubble frost (Jenn Vogel via Flickr)

14. Beautiful Blue Ridge sunset


15. A snowy owl finds a home in downtown D.C.

The Snowy Owl Appears at McPherson Square on January 22 (Phil Yabut via Flickr)