It was D.C.’s biggest snowstorm since the Snowmageddon winter of 2009-2010.  Whereas recent snows offered photographers just a dusting or light covering to work with, Snochi’s 7-18 inches provided greater depth.

Here are 10 of my favorite photos submitted from readers.

1. The morning after, the Capitol (wolfpackWx)

2. Caroline St., Washington, D.C. (ellen01975)

3. Making a path, the Capitol (Architect of U.S. Capitol)

4. Snow day (Kevin Wolf)

(Kevin Wolf via Flickr)

5. Slushy streets, Silver Spring (Dan Lawrence 62)

6. Snow at Rosslyn Metro (BrianMKA)

7. A snowy Mall (BrianMKA)

8. Heavy snow at Jefferson Memorial (Ian Livingston)


9. A snowy Capitol in the distance (Barbara Waters)

(Barbara Waters via Facebook)

10. 16th St. Snow (elleno1975)

As always, thanks to everyone who submitted photos to us via Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.